Victoriaville Mitsubishi

399 Boulevard des Bois Francs Nord
Victoriaville, Quebec
G6P 1H1, Canada
Phone: 1-877 524-4168
Fax: 819-758-7838

Mitsubishi dealer in Victoriaville

Victoriaville Mitsubishi

Hi and welcome on the new microsite of Victoriaville Mitsubishi.

As time has passed, our inventory has grown larger and larger. In fact, our inventory built our reputation as an excellent car business in the Victoriaville area. Today, we are happy to offer you a very large inventory of the finest pre-owned Mitsubishi available on the market. Whether you are looking for a spacious sports utility vehicle or a very fast performance sedan, you can be sure that you are going to find what you are looking for here at Victoriaville Mitsubishi. Furthermore, if you can't find the vehicle you are looking for, we will gladly help you look for it.

In order for a pre-owned Mitsubishi to keep its reliability and fuel-efficiency, it has to be well maintained by Mitsubishi experts. For this reason, we have at your disposal an excellent team of certified Mitsubishi technicians. These technicians know your Mitsubishi really well and are the best mechanics for your pre-owned vehicle. Thanks to this service, you can be assured that your vehicle is going to run for a long time to come.

What really sets Mitsubishi apart from the crowd is the awesome warranty. Indeed, the Diamond Care plan guarantees the quality of all our pre-owned vehicles. It is one of the best warranties in the business. This plan is proof of our commitment to quality and our trust in our vehicles. If you want to know more about this plan, we invite you to check out the "contact us" section of this microsite.

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